Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playtime Theater update

A while ago, the folks at MakeBelieve Worlds very kindly let me have a copy of Playtime Theater to review. I thought it had lots of promise but wasn't ready for school use yet, primarily because of the inability to save more than one show. They've obviously been listening, because I just got an email from Seth to say that they've submitted an update to the app store. It's not available just yet as it has to go through Apple's approval process, but Seth says it will include the following new features:
  • Save multiple shows
  • Add you and your friends to the cast with photos from your photo library
  • PlayTime Theater now remembers all of your changes
  • Enhanced, easier to use interface
  • Stability and bug fixes [including the Button Bar Builder crash]
  • 6 New Costumes and more
I'm looking forward to trying out the new version! 

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