Misc apps

Dragon Dictation (free) - like Dragon Dictate for the computer (which sells for over $100), this lets you dictate and the words you say appear on the screen. If you say the punctuation it will add it in too. You have to have an active internet connection, and you will definitely have to go back and make some corrections to what you've 'typed', but for free voice recognition software that does not have to be trained, this is amazing!

Popplet Lite (free) - an idea organizer, similar to Inspiration, with only the web view not list view. The full version that allows creation of more than one idea map is $4.99 ea. (1-19 units), or $2.49 ea. (20+ units).  (Note that currently if you upgrade from the Lite version to the full version, any 'popplet' you have created with the Lite version will not be available in the full version.)

Use your Handwriting (free) - Make lists, writing on the screen with your finger. Lists can easily be reorganized and items on them checked off. Useful as a simple outliner/planner as well as a to do list. The GOLD version is $0.99 and eliminates the ads.